Safeguard Your Solopreneur Business with Precision-Crafted Legal Documents

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As a solopreneur, every decision you make, every partnership you forge, and every event you host is a reflection of your dedication. But in the rush to chase success, legal protection can often be an afterthought—until it’s desperately needed. These "LegalEase Templates" change that narrative, providing you with a toolkit designed not just to protect, but to propel your business forward.

Introducing LegalEase Templates: Your comprehensive legal safeguard, meticulously crafted for the modern solopreneur. Whether you're coaching, hosting events, or building a community through masterminds, these cover your legal needs covered. This product suite includes:

  1. Coaching Client Agreement: Solidify the foundation of your client relationships with clear expectations and boundaries.
  2. Event Participation Terms & Conditions: Host events with confidence, knowing every attendee is on the same page.
  3. Mastermind Participant Agreement: Ensure a cohesive, legally protected environment for your mastermind groups.
  4. Speakers Agreement for Event Hosts: Secure your rights and responsibilities with clarity for every speaker you bring on board.
  5. Speakers Agreement for Speakers: Empower your speaking engagements with agreements that respect your content and contribution.
  6. Membership Terms of Use: Establish clear guidelines for your recurring membership program.

Why Choose LegalEase Templates?

  • Tailored for Solopreneurs: Every template is designed with the unique needs of solopreneurs in mind, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  • Ease of Use: Say goodbye to legal jargon and hello to straightforward, fill-in-the-blank simplicity.
  • Instant Access: Time is of the essence. Download and customize your agreements in minutes, not days.
  • Cost-Effective: Avoid the hefty fees of hiring a lawyer for bespoke contracts without compromising on professionalism and protection.

Empowerment through Education: Not only do we provide you with the legal documents you need, but we also ensure you understand how to use them effectively, turning legal precautions into powerful business strategies.

Your Ambition, Secured: With LegalEase Templates, embark on your business ventures with the confidence that your legal bases are covered. Protect your passion, projects, and peace of mind—all with a single, straightforward solution.

Don't let legal vulnerabilities be the Achilles' heel of your business dream. Secure, scale, and succeed with LegalEase Templates.

About Ashley Fillingim:

Ashley Fillingim believes in legal confidence, simplified. She helps online business owners establish solid foundations, protecting coaches and creators with legal ease, not legalese. After two decades at a top-tier international law firm, Ashley walked out of the office high rise to begin empowering business owners to advocate for themselves and to protect the relationships at the core of those businesses. Connect with Ashley at

Please note that these templates and the instructions for their use are not legal advice and do not create an attorney-client relationship. Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds.

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$297 $197

Safeguard Your Solopreneur Business with Precision-Crafted Legal Documents

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